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Hello! I’ve finally written (and drawn) up some lore for farraige and aerandir’s story. Dragon-Shifters are a key part of the story, as farraige (pictured above with aerandir) is one.

This is my first time putting together lore/worldbuilding for people besides me, I hope it’s interesting!

seeing this logo with "animation" under it is literally making me tear up. a king has returned


what started as a costume concept for the ren faire turned into a whole oc. oops

anyways here’s fionn, a melancholy faun of frost


$3 kofi request (thanks!!) - I was asked to draw my favorite monster :D I gave her flowers bc she pretty

my kofi


during their early friendship, farraige is really touch-sensitive on account of being a big and dangerous dragon - aerandir accidentally touches him on multiple occasions without meaning to 

i have to animate donald this week and this was my first attempt drawing him

i enjoy these first attempts every time i study a character


if these characters just look like furry oliver twist thats bc it accidentally kinda is

hm there is a confliction about whether or not i would post photos of myself here?? which would be one of the only places i would like. Do That

i mean it would Only be in theatrical makeup (monsters, elves, etc. etc.) bc just my face is an absolute massive no from me

ig im worried that 1. no one wants to see my dumb and Highly recreational special effects hobby and 2. im a ball of anxiety and dysphoria and dont even kno if i can do it without some Nerve


WELL i made a new got damn furry oc

she’s a tough street-wise bartender in the lower class part of town. she knows how to deal with drunks and has a secret soft spot for the young street urchins. seamus becomes particularly close to her when he was young

so one of my absolute Favorite tropes in storytelling is the like, poor child (usually an orphan) that goes thru hardships. and for some reason, i always seem to grow a stronger connection/endearment towards the boys (oliver twist, charlie bucket, pete from pete's dragon, etc.)

(obviously i still have a soft spot for the girls as well lol but moving on)

at first i kinda thought that maybe young male characters are just better written (generally) or it was just by chance that i have a stronger endearment towards the fukin street urchin boy characters than girls

but recently i've made a possible connection? now pls excuse me being a bit Dramatic but,,, i think there's a yearning there. SO often the stories with poor boys are all about them and what they go thru and i think my dysphoric ass wants that (hi hello im a trans man). like seeing these stories, as well as writing my own characters that share those tropes, is making up for something i wish i had: which was Growing Up As A Little Boy- even the hardships (minus, u kno, the orphan bit)

TL;DR gender dysphoria and yearning for a lost childhood may be the reasons for one of my favorite character types/tropes

waking up to ppl expressing love for animation is so sweet ;-;

also haha i now have a couple films i added on my list to watch!! thank u

anyways i've started the process of rewatching every animated film under disney and hey! snow white is still good and fun. bet u didnt see that coming


doodled space sibs bc im on a horrible star wars kick


another doodle from an ask prompt on tumblr! magic spell mishap


new oc for my monster girl world - lady gui, queen of the fairies


a combined prompt bc i aint got time lol - ft. the protagonist of a webcomic i'd like to make!